Fast, cost effective way to develop a healthy & lush lawn. Hydroseeding costs only a fraction more than old fashioned methods using dry seeding techniques combined with a messy straw mulch

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the process of combining seed, mulch and healthy soil fertilizers with water, to form a thick slurry. This slurry is sprayed over the surface ground in a uniform layer to establish vegetation for erosion control.

The hydroseeding slurry is designed to provide even coverage. As it forms a barrier to keep everything in place, it stabilizes the seed, aloowing it to uptake the moisture, fertilizer and amendments it needs to grow quickly. The mulch fiber will help reduce erosion from wind and water and will insulate the soil from temperature fluctuation. Eventually the mulch will break down and provide the soil with extra nutrients and organic matter.

A major advantage of hydroseeding is its ability to cover large areas which would be a challenge to access by traditional means. A typical day can yield up to 10 acres of ground cover.  This seeding process has the ability to retain up to 10 times its weight in water, making it ideal for areas where watering would be a challenge.

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