Turf and Patio Stones define beauty, elegance and durability for driveways, pool surrounds, walkways and patios.

Patio Stone walkways, patios and surrounds offer an attractive link from the soft elements of your landscape to your property, making it feel more complete by adding symmetry, decorative style and functionality to your current architectural landscaping. When you add a stone sidewalk, you avert the problem of soil erosion, plant and tree root and insect life that live under the ground below. Stone sidewalks are very durable, last a long time and are environmentally friendly, offering you increased curb appeal and giving your home that true finishing touch.

The discerning pathway to your home is a walkway designed by Hardscapes. Whether it is a curved or straight flow design, a paving stone path will blend beautifully into the natural surroundings of your yard.

Whereas Patio Stone offers one method of developing your personalized “hardscape”, Turf Stone allows rainwater to be gradually filtered back into the soil naturally, resulting in the control and stabilization of soil erosion. Its eco-friendly design reduces run-off and allows greenery to grow right through it, creating a highly unique design that works in harmony with nature.