We work with developers and businesses on all aspects of commercial landscaping projects. From design to execution, Leta offers consistent quality and professional service.

Even before we break ground on your project our team will visit the site on multiple occasions to consult on the design, analyse the prospective site, and multiple other key factors including:

  • Sun orientation
  • Drainage
  • Shady areas
  • Gentle slopes
  • Steep areas prone to erosion

Decades of field experience in the landscape industry can only signify one thing…

Service Excellence… it’s the cornerstone of our business and our promise of quality performance. After being in the business for this long, it has undoubtedly enabled us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and expertise. People are what power this exciting trade. Over the years, we have managed to amass a group of highly skilled, motivated individuals to pursue our common goal – Success.

From request to tender, to project management and execution, Leta has the resources to make it happen.