Leta is a leader in the care of condominiums, townhomes and high-rise buildings because we understand your property. We give each asset the utmost care ensuring that both you and your tenants are engaged — season after season.

There’s no question, people appreciate having an attractive and robust property. In fact, when a property is seen as being exceptional on the exterior, it’s generally viewed as being higher class inclusively. Maintenance not only provides superb curb appeal, it also helps your property attain its highest market value, gives potential renters and buyers an immediate sense of quality and provides current residents with beautiful and safe surroundings.

While Leta Landscape Contractors are continually growing, we still operate the same way we have since our first job — with dedicated, consistent and personalized service, each and every step of the way.

Services Available:

  • Grass Cutting & Edging — Ensuring your lawn receives the proper care required to be healthy and attractive. We take into account irregularities that can affect the health of your lawn such as climate, precipitation, mowing height, and frequency. Ensuring a premium cut each and every time.
  • Core Aeration — Aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce costly maintenance through many factors, including improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere; Enhanced soil water uptake; Improved fertilizer uptake and use; Reduced water runoff and puddling; Reduced soil compaction & more.
  • Fertilization — A great a way to improve the look and health of your lawn. This process returns much needed nutrients and moisture back into your lawn, stimulating root growth, thickening your lawns appearance, and helping to prevent pests and lawn diseases.
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning — Pruning not only provides aesthetic benefits, but can also make a greenery healthier all year round.
  • Tree Services — In addition to pruning, we also offer full tree services including removal, stump grinding, cabling & bracing, disease control & more.
  • Spring Cleanups & more!

Leta is a leader in the maintenance of condominiums, townhomes and high-rise buildings because we understand your property. We provide superb quality care season after season — ensuring your property looks its best all year round.

To find out more about the services we offer for condo maintenance please CONTACT US to discuss the specific needs of your property.